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Walleye Reproductions


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Our Masterpiece Reproduction Walleye are available Unassembled (Ready-to-Assemble) or Assembled (Ready-to-Paint). Seamless, durable polyurethane construction, accurate anatomy, and crisp scale detail.  Precision fit, fully finished in 360-degrees. Exceptional inner mouth details.  Multiple head options.  Realistic fins are thin and flexible, easily shapeable with heat.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

NOTE: Assembled blanks pictured with gray antiqued primer to show detail. Product will arrive unpainted. Reproduction eyes not included; sizes shown below for your reference.

          Additional Details

          Accurate Anatomy

          Exceptional Mouth Detail

          Realistic, Shapeable Fins

          Crisp Scale Detail

          Accurate Anatomy

          Exceptional Mouth Detail

          Realistic, Shapeable Fins

          Crisp Scale Detail

          Walleye Collection (Unfinished)

          Catalogue #LengthGirthLbsHeadTurnPoseEyes (mm)FinsUnassembledReady To Paint
          WAL22.5-1SM22.513.5 4.5SM360°S16Standard$281.25$371.25
          WAL24.0-1OM2412 4.5OM360°S16Standard$300.00$396.00
          WAL24.0-1SM2412 4.5SM360°S16Standard$300.00$396.00
          WAL28.0-2OM-FR2816 9.0OM360°S22Relaxed$350.00$462.00
          WAL28.0-2SM-FS2816 9.0SM360°S22Standard$350.00$462.00
          WAL28.0-2SM-FR2816 9.0SM360°S22Relaxed$350.00$462.00
          WAL28.0-2CM-FR2816 9.0CM360°S22Relaxed$350.00$462.00


          8 reviews for Walleye Reproductions

          1. Matthew (verified owner)

          2. Ron Acker (verified owner)

            Always pleased with the blanks, one of the best in the industry.

          3. Joel L. (verified owner)

            Excellent quality walleye blank! Fine detail and the fins fit perfectly. Highly recommended.

          4. Jim Alden (verified owner)

          5. Randal Shook (verified owner)

            Absolutely amazing detail..I use the blank for reference on my wood carving.

          6. Marty Wiley (verified owner)

            Today I received the 28″ OM unassembled walleye from Waters by Klause. The mouth interior detail is amazing. Scale detail is the most accurate of any replica fish I have purchased. The fins and head test fit great with no grinding or clean up. This is going to be one easy assembly job. lf I could compete in masters in MN with a purchased blank, this walleye would make me a winner.

          7. Robert Begich

            The 22.5 OM unassembled was my first walleye replica. Thanks to the great job by your company it will be one of many more. The fins to body tolerance fit was so exact I did not need to do prep work on any of the fins. Pre-painted them before attaching to the body totally seamless, perfect. Great job. Do yourself a favor and get one of Waters by Klaus walleyes!.

          8. Marty Shimkus

            Received my first blank from Waters By Klaus and after doing this for 20+ years I have to say a new bar has been set! One of the, if not the nicest blank I’ve ever rec’d! I purchased unassembled and besides the awesome detail and free-flowing positioning everything fits together perfectly. The fins are nice and thin, but not too thin where detail could be lost. I received my blank in just over a week from placing my order too! Their customer service followed up quickly on a question I had and they seem genuinely concerned that my experience was/is a great one. I truly appreciate when a company appreciates my business and will happily place many orders in the future with WBK! Thank you!!!

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