About Waters by Klaus

Waters by Klaus was inspired by a need for premium-quality, exceptional blanks and display elements for the fish reproduction industry.   Through our other company ventures as Antlers by Klaus and Nature by Klaus, we’ve been serving the wildlife displays industry in different areas for over 35 years.  We’ve created several hundred fish displays for corporate, retail and private client displays – and purchased hundreds (maybe thousands) of fish blanks.

Many of the blanks currently available simply require extensive (expensive) work to make them  — in our eyes — suitable for use.  After reviewing our concerns with dozens of taxidermists and peers, it was clear our issues were not unique.  Additional problems included inaccurate anatomy, significant casting defects, inconsistency from order to order, low-quality detail, minimal inner-mouth and tooth detail, unrealistic and poor-fitting gills, and thick, inflexible fins.

We applied our 35 years of molding experience, recruited a team of fish experts and a fish biologist to our team, and invested 3-years of research and development into state-of-the-art methods, materials and techniques for crafting fish reproductions.

While a limited introductory offering, we are pleased to present our initial collection of fish reproduction blanks featuring the following benefits:

Accurate Anatomy
All our reproductions start with a real specimen which has been (typically) fresh cast using proprietary techniques, has had all defects eliminated, and then captured in an artist-grade, commercial-quality mold.

360 Degree Quality
Our reproduction blanks are designed for use on either side — providing left-facing, right-facing and full 360-degree view options from the same reproduction.

Order to Order Consistency
First-generation, commercial-quality molds are used for every reproduction we offer.  An archived Master Copy of each reproduction is used to create a new mold before losing any quality.  We will never compromise and accept the losses seen in the industry-common practice of second-generation, third-generation, and so-forth remolding.  This Master Process assures you of our uncompromising standard of consistent quality you’ll see on every order.

Perfect Mouth Fit
Many of our reproductions are offered in both Open Mouth and Closed Mouth options, for some even a Strike Mouth.  Each body is molded specific to the head choice.  As you know, as any fish opens its mouth — muscles flex and body shape changes.  You’ll find our body and mouth achieve a perfect fit, whatever mouth option you choose.

Inner-Mouth and Tooth Detail
Our proprietary process captures the finest anatomical details of the inner mouth and tooth structure.  We don’t believe you will find detail like ours elsewhere in the industry.

Realistic, Easily Shapeable Fins
We have engineered a process which allows us to offer ultra-realistic fins which can be easily shaped with a little heat.  Warm water species feature clear, translucent fins, while cold water species feature opaque white fins.

Competitive Pricing
We have worked hard to be able to deliver the premium-level of quality we provide at affordable pricing.  When your time-savings is factored, we believe our reproductions are an exceptional value.

Our Assembled fish reproductions are truly ready-to-paint.  They will not require the additional repairs or touch-up so commonly required in the industry.   Our Unassembled reproductions will come together with a precision fit you’ll appreciate.