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Smallmouth Bass Reproductions


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Our Masterpiece Reproduction Smallmouth Bass are available Unassembled (Ready-to-Assemble) or Assembled (Ready-to-Paint). Seamless, durable polyurethane construction, accurate anatomy, and quality scale detail.  Precision fit, fully finished in 360-degrees. Exceptional inner mouth details.  Realistic fins are thin and flexible, easily shapeable with heat.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

NOTE: Assembled blanks pictured with gray antiqued primer to show detail. Product will arrive unpainted. Reproduction eyes not included; sizes shown below for your reference.

        Additional Details

        Accurate Anatomy

        Exceptional Mouth Detail

        Realistic, Shapeable Fins

        Crisp Scale Detail

        Accurate Anatomy

        Exceptional Mouth Detail

        Realistic, Shapeable Fins

        Crisp Scale Detail

        Smallmouth Bass Collection

        Catalogue #LengthGirthWeight (Lbs)HeadTurnPoseEyes (mm)UnassembledReady To PaintImage
        SMB19.5-1OM19.512.753.75OM360S14$243.75Sale! $257.40Smallmouth Bass Open Mouth - Front
        SMB19.5-1CM19.512.753.75CM360S14$243.75$321.75Smallmouth Bass Closed Mouth - Front
        SMB22.5-1CM22.5166.5CM360S18$281.25$371.25Smallmouth Bass Closed Mouth - Left


        5 reviews for Smallmouth Bass Reproductions

        1. Josh R. (verified owner)

          Great fit and detail

        2. Rob Brozovich (verified owner)

          Rob Brozovich

        3. Martin Wiley (verified owner)

          There are some repaired areas on both sides where the scales don’t match the rest of the fish. Fine for commercial work but a mist fix if competing. Head and fins fit like a glove

        4. Bryan Russell (verified owner)

          Excellent Smallmouth replica.
          It went together well and painted well. I’ll use it again soon!

        5. Douglas Taxidermy (verified owner)

          I’m as happy as can be with my first recent order from Waters by Klaus. Thank you! I consider the small mouth blank I received
          to be “state of the art” for replica work. My only disappointment is that I can’t use you for all or most all of my replica work because of lack of sizes in species needed. I hope that as time goes on you will be molding more sizes and varieties and we can do more business in the future. Thank you again for terrific delivery time and such a high quality product.

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