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JG Replicas Collection now Available!

We are very pleased to return to the industry the famous JG Replicas Collection of fish reproduction blanks.  As most know, Jeff Gould and Dave Campbell of the State of Washington created and offered the finest King Salmon & Steelhead blanks (and more) – plus a great selection of Heads.  This collection has always received great reviews from the taxidermy industry, and have been highly requested after since Jeff Gould of JG Replicas retired a few years back.

While an exceptional offering, it is time for the original JG molds to be remastered and remolded using our proprietary techniques and modern materials.  Our plan is to remaster these molds in priority order as customer orders are received and processed.  This will require a 90-day lead time on initial orders, but in return those initial orders will receive a 25% discount on their blank for their patience.  Once a mold is remastered, it will be identified as having our standard 3-4 week turnaround time.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, and thank you for your interest, and hope you enjoy the return of the JG collection

JG Replicas Collection

SpeciesCatalogueLengthGirthWeight (lbs)HeadTurnPoseSexUnassembledReady to Paint
King SalmonCKS37.0-13724.527OMRight (360°)SM$351.50$555.00
King SalmonCKS42.0-14227.539.5OMLeft (360°)SM$399.00$630.00
King SalmonCKS42.5-142.526.542OMLeft (360°)SM$403.75$637.50
King SalmonCKS47.0-14731.2557OMRight (360°)SM$446.50$705.00
King SalmonCKS48.25-148.2532.7566OMRight (360°)SM$458.38$723.75
King SalmonCKS48.25-248.2532.7566OMLeft (360°)SM$458.38$723.75
King SalmonCKS49.0-14932.565OMLeft (360°)CM$465.50$735.00
King SalmonCKS50.0-1503367OMRight (360°)CM$475.00$750.00
King SalmonCKS51.0-15129.556OMLeft (360°)CM$484.50$765.00
King SalmonCKS52.0-15231.565OMRight (360°)SM$494.00$780.00
King SalmonCKS52.5-152.53680OMRight (360°)SM$498.75$787.50
Largemouth BassLMB20.0-1OM20145OMRight (360°)S$190.00$300.00
Largemouth BassLMB27.75-1OM27.7522.515.7OMRight (360°)S$263.63$416.25
Ling CodLNG50.0-1503050OMRight (360°)S$475.00$750.00
Rainbow TroutRBT27.0-12714.758OMLeft (360°)SM$256.50$405.00
Rainbow TroutRBT27.0-12714.758OMLeft (360°)SF$256.50$405.00
Rainbow TroutRBT31.0-1311915OMRight (360°)SM$294.50$465.00
Silver SalmonCSS31.5-131.51914.5OMRight (360°)SM$299.25$472.50
Silver SalmonCSS34.5-134.521.2521OMRight (360°)SM$327.75$517.50
Smallmouth BassSMB21.0-1OM215.25OMLeft (360°)C$199.50$315.00
Smallmouth BassSMB21.0-1CM215.25CMLeft (360°)C$199.50$315.00
SteelheadSTH36.5-136.519.7519OMRight (360°)SM$346.75$547.50
SteelheadSTH39.0-13920.522OMRight (360°)SF$370.50$585.00
SteelheadSTH39.0-2392225OMRight (360°)SM$370.50$585.00
SteelheadSTH40.5-140.52123OMRight (360°)SM$384.75$607.50
SteelheadSTH42.0-14223.530OMLeft (360°)SM$399.00$630.00
Yelloweye Rock FishYER28.0-1282318.5OMLeft (360°)S$266.00$420.00