Chris Isham Smallmouth mount
Chris Isham’s latest smallmouth from our Smallmouth Bass (#SMB19.0-2CM-UN) blank Waters By Klaus smallmouth bass 

A Smallie with a hint of how it was accomplished!

“[I] Was very happy with the fish. [I] Attached the head and packed it with light napkins. Popped the eyes in and the napkin holds the eye in place. Put a thin line of epoxy sculpt around the eye and it works perfectly. Thought you might want to know if you haven’t tried it that way. Thanks, Chris” Thanks go out to YOU, Chris, for sharing your wonderful mount with us. The suggestion to use napkins is helpful, although, since we have it in our supplies, we will probably continue to use the product from Smooth-on, as we are very happy with it. Great job, Chris.  

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